1. Where is the ideal place for my wine cooler at home?
  • Dark spots are best. Never put under direct sunlight as this will affect the temperature.
  • It should not be placed near heat-generating appliances in the kitchen (e.g. oven, refrigerators or chest freezers) because it can add unwanted heat to your beloved collection.
  • Environment have to be well-ventilated to ensure no heat is trapped within the enclosed area
2. Can I store other beverages in my wine cooler?

Yes, you can. However, the temperature may not be cooled to your liking. Also, keep in mind that storing oddly shaped bottles may decrease the bottle capacity of your wine cooler.

3. What is Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coating on Chateau’s glass door?

It minimises the amount of infrared and UV light that comes through the glass, without minimising the amount of light that enters the cooler. Basically, reflecting the heat from the outside and the cold air back inside.

This will keep the temperature in the cooler much more consistent as the loss of cool air inside as well as the heat transfer from outside through the glass door is minimised significantly. With the combined stable temperature and minimal energy transfer through the glass door, the cooling system has to work less to maintain the temperature settings, making it more energy efficient!

4. Why is there condensation (water droplets) on the glass door?

There are few common reason why this condensation happens. It is either the wine cooler –
•   Placed in an enclosed, non-ventilated area due to heat trapped in that area.
•   Placed beside appliances that radiates heat like a refrigerator or chest freezers.
•   Placed under direct sunlight
•   Door was not entirely closed

Please refer to FAQ #1 – for the ideal way to place your wine cooler at home.

5. Why is my wine cooler not cold?

Check whether if the display shows the temperature or whether the main switch is turned on. There could be a possibility that during the initial operation, the coolant have not settle back in place. Ensure that you have waited at least 5 hours for the coolant to set after the delivery (applicable to first time usage)

After checking and the problem still persist, please kindly reach out to our Customer Service Hotline at +65 6268 0066 or you can write to 

6. How do I clean my wine cooler?

Make sure to unplug the unit from the electric source before attempting to clean the wine cooler to avoid the risk of electrical shock. Use only a mild, non-abrasive cleaner to clean the exterior and interior part of the cabinet. For wooden shelves, clean them with a soft cloth and wood cleaner.

Remember to always dry all parts with a clean dry cloth before returning the parts to the cooler or plugging it back in.

7. Can the wine cooler accommodate all bottle size?

Yes, you can. Chateau wine coolers are built to store standard 750ml Bordeaux wine bottles. Storing large or unique shaped wine bottles such as Pinot Noir or Magnums bottles will decrease the number of bottles you are able to store inside the unit.

8. I’ve lost my reversible door kit. What should I do?

You can drop by our showroom (15 Kian Teck Crescent, 628884) to purchase the kit. Please do give us a call prior visiting – for us to check on the stock availability.

9. Can your free standing wine cellar fit as built-in under the counter?

Conceptually yes, it can be placed under counter (doesn’t require any installation) because Chateau wine cooler comes with air ventilation at the front.

10. Why is there ice build-up in the back interior wall of the wine cooler?

Because of Singapore’s high heat and humidity conditions, it is fairly common to see ice build-up on the back wall. This is because the warmer humid air that enters inside of the unit is faster than the humidity can be removed by the cooling system.

Here’re some tips to reduce the ice from accumulating;

  • Try to limit the number of times opening and closing the door
  • Ensure the door is fully closed, especially when the bottles may obstruct the closure
  • Frost may occur on a wine bottle when it is touching the back wall. Wine bottles should not be touching the back wall
  • Do a simple inspection to the door gasket by slipping a sheet of paper between the door edge, then close the door. If you can move the paper easily out of the door without any resistance, it is an indication that your gasket is not sealing properly and may need to be replaced.

After checking and the problem still persist, please kindly reach out to our Customer Service Hotline at +65 6268 0066 or you can write to chateau-winecooler@casa.com.sg

11. Do you ship internationally?

For customers based out of Singapore, please kindly email to chateau-winecooler@casa.com.sg or contact us at +65 6268 0066

12. What is the warranty period?

1 Year - Spare parts, labour and transportations charges will be covered for 1 year

5 Years - Compressor