6 Essential Basics to Food and Wine Pairing

It turns out there are 6 main basic flavor profiles that you can experiment with to develop a great food and wine pairing. In this article, we take a look at the fundamental flavor profiles for food and wine pairing, as well as the regional pairing example and why it works. Learn to match food and wine like a professional chef or sommelier.

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The 18 Noble Grapes Wine Challenge

Want to experience the entire range of wine? Try the noble grapes.

It’s time to ditch the same ol’ wine you’ve been drinking and expand your palate.

Why? Well, by doing so you’ll be on the fast track to becoming a wine expert. Make a list of the grapes below and challenge yourself to try every one of them.

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Red & Dark Fruit Flavors in Wine

How do I buy a wine when I don’t know what it tastes like? Refer to the guide below to discover what wines have dominant red fruit flavors vs. dark fruit flavors. For example a Pinot Noir often has cherry flavors and a Cabernet Sauvignon often tastes like black currants.

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