Discover Dual Zone Temperature Control with Chateau Wine Chillers

Dual-zone temperature control is a must-have for serious wine collectors and our dual-zone models are specifically designed to meet this need. Discover our double-temperature models: 151 Bottles Wine Cooler – CW 1682TH DNS & 171 Bottles Wine Cooler – CW 1700ED AT. These are perfect to store red and white wines at their ideal temperatures within the same unit—reds at a cozy 55-65°F and whites at a cooler 45-55°F.

Alternatively, if you prefer a shorter unit to save space (eg. installing it under an island or kitchen cabinet), you can purchase 2 small-medium sized coolers and place them side by side. This is achievable as our cooler doors are Reversible, meaning you can decide if you’d like to open the doors from the left or right! This way you can store your reds in one cooler and whites in the other.

Example of 2x 50 Bottles Wine Cooler – CW 50TH SNS side by side

This feature is essential for preserving the distinct flavor profiles and aging potential of different wines. It also provides the convenience of having both types of wine ready to serve at perfect temperatures for any occasion. With our wine chiller, you not only invest in the quality and longevity of your wine collection but also enjoy the flexibility and functionality needed for hosting and everyday enjoyment!